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New! D.C. & Maryland Medical Marijuana Cards are now available. 

Dr. Wills can examine you to determine if you have a     

               condition or illness that qualifies you for a 

                                        MEDICAL  CANNABIS  CARD .

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Check out our new website,  www.WillsWellessCenter.comLearn about Diet , the benefits of Family Therapy and  AntiAging Therapies. Find out if you are eligible for a Medical Cannabis Card.
  • You can reach our Wellness Center via public transportation. There is ample free street parking for those traveling by car. 
  • Patients find that they are seen in a timely manner and that their office visits are unhurried. 
  • Our Wellness Center is led by ,Dr. Reginald D.Wills, a Holistic Family Physician, and an associate medical professor, who has used Holistic Medicine to help his patients since he began his private practice. As both a Holistic Medical Doctor and a Family Doctor  with an extensive knowledge about the benefits of nutritional therapy, Dr.Wills can offer his patients a wide range of treatment options. 
  • An example of Dr. Wills' knowledge of nutrients occurred over 30 years ago,when he was one of the first doctors to warn his patients about the health risks of hydrogenated called "trans fats". More recently,when cholesterol reducing drugs called statins, were first introduced, Dr.Wills was one of the few physicians who cautioned his patients about the dangers of statins.
  • Our information is on the cutting edge and accurate. The understanding that is at the heart of our center is that healing arises from knowledge of a patients' experiences and genetics which affect them in a profound way. This understanding has led us to develop treatments that combine conventional and alternative medicine in a synergistic way. This synergy promotes healing on a deep level.
  • BODY-MIND CONNECTION:Two other components of  Dr. Wills' Holistic approach to medicine are relaxation and meditation to reduce stress. It has been shown that relaxation techniques improve the body's ability to heal and strengthen the immune system.

Dr.Wills believes that Holistic Family Medicine is the best model for the optimal health and well-being of his patients. A Holistic Model views each patient, as one who contains within her/himself the blueprint of their optimal state of health. When both Dr.Wills and the patient begin with that in mind, they can incorporate the therapies, healthy habits and diet that move the patient toward good health.